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  • Pruning
  • Small chipping
  • Small landscaping
  • Plant selection and sourcing

Experienced gardening services in Wagga Wagga

Whether your garden requires maintenance just once or more regularly, Mick Cave & Good Seeds Garden Service can help. From specific lawn care treatments, such as mowing, broad-leaved weed removal or scarifying, to the control of tree pests and diseases, we have the experience to cope with any aspect of gardening maintenance.

Common garden problems

Elm Tree Beetles cause trees to lose their leaves, or ‘defoliate’, so that they’re eventually unable to manufacture enough food and die. Similarly, the larvae of the Crane Fly, known as ‘Leatherjackets’, can eat the roots of the grass in your lawn, killing it. Pruning your trees at the correct time of year removes dead wood that may otherwise absorb energy, preventing optimum growth. We can help you avoid these, and many other, common garden problems and restore your garden to its former glory.

Complete gardening services

Mick Cave & Good Seeds Garden Service is proud to offer the following gardening services:

  • Garden detailing for special events  
  • Garden sitting 
  • Lawn scarifying
  • Plant selection and sourcing
  • Pruning
  • Small-scale chipping 
  • Small-scale landscaping
  • Weed spraying
  • Tree pest and disease control
  • Lawn care
  • General gardening

    Whatever your gardening requirements, Mick Cave & Good Seeds Garden Service has the experience and expertise you need. Get in touch today and ask for our advice!

    Call us on 0423 675 285 today for more information and a free, no-obligation quotation.

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